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Daily Play Call #99

9 And I tell you, make friends for yourselves by means of unrighteous mammon (deceitful riches, money, possessions), so that when it fails, they [those you have favored] may receive and welcome you into the everlasting habitations (dwellings).

Luke 16:9 AMPC

Make friends of wealth

This is one of the hardest scriptures to interpret of what Jesus says. The first way that we can interpret it is Jesus wants us to make friends of unrighteous money so when their money fails them, they may receive us and the Word. I know that when people usually lose their money they are completely empty and broken inside and are looking for something to fill that void. We have the answer to fill the void in Jesus Christ.

Another way to interpret it is, as we make friends who have wealth, they are able to help fund those who preach the Gospel. I know from personal experience that my friends who are wealthy have helped me when I made sacrifices to serve the Lord. Their help has truly been a blessing to us. I also make sure to give them the whole truth of Gospel because they need to hear it. Some people may not share the truth with their friends who are wealthy because they don't want to lose their support or donations. People who have wealth are normal people too. I grew up in a wealthy household. In high school and college, I lived in a 1.5 million dollar house in Upper Saddle River, NJ. I have seen my dad gain the house and then lose it due to pride. Money will come and go. Most people who have wealth are empty inside without Jesus and their money does not give them true peace. I know this because when I was making $12,500 a week in the NFL I still felt empty inside. I was driving a 750 Li BMW and was doing good financially but was empty spiritually.

We should always do things out of a pure heart motive. Our friends who are wealthy will be treated the same way that we treat a homeless person on the street, and that is being treated with genuine love.

  • Even in our 3,300 square foot house in New Jersey I still felt empty inside and was looking for other things in the world to help fill that void.

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